Orange County Drug Crime Attorney Costs

Court gavel on top of moneyHaving defended countless alleged drug crimes in Orange County over the past several years, I have grown accustomed to hearing certain questions numerous times, but there is one that clients want to know more than anything else: “How much do you charge for legal services?”. Although this is rarely the most beneficial question to ask, it is still very important to those that I represent.

Although the public believes that those facing narcotic charges are bad people, it is often the opposite. Narcotic defendants are often good people that have fallen victim to addiction and are in desperate need of help. That’s where I come in, but I can’t do it for free. What I can do is explain why these types of defense services are so costly and identify certain situations that are less costly than others.

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How Did Kerry Kennedy Get Away With Drugged Driving?

Drug addict man in the car taking narcoticsRecently, Kerry Kennedy was acquitted of driving while under the influence of Ambien despite her testimony admitting to taking the powerful sleep medication prior to getting behind the wheel. Those who are facing charges for drugged driving want to know why. Did Kennedy have outstanding DUID defense attorneys representing her? Is it legal to drive while on drugs under certain circumstances or while using certain drugs? All of these are valid questions, for which the public has a right to know the answers.

The truth is, it is somewhat a combination of all of the above factors, not to mention the added benefit of the Kennedy family having a long and prestigious place in America’s history. Despite the advantages experienced by Kerry Kennedy, her strategy for defense is one that can be applied to the average citizen.

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New Heroin Addiction Treatment in California Now Allowed by Law

Man struggling with addictino to heroinResidents of California can now receive relief using a drug (Naxolene) that some say will effectively limit the number of heroin overdose victims throughout the state. The recent passing of Hollywood actor Philip Seymour Hoffman due to heroin overdose could have been prevented by the proper treatment. Medical researchers have done several studies and clinical trials to prove the efficacy of the drug known as Naloxone in reversing the effects of heroin in the human body. There have been several medical emergencies caused by heroin or opiate overdose where paramedics administer naloxone intravenously and see the drug works within a few minutes.

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Meth Dealing Priest Has His Operation Exposed

priest arrestedWhen a crystal meth dealer from California, Chad McCluskey, and a Roman Catholic monsignor, Kevin Wallin, become drug-dealing business partners, is it a match made in heaven? It might as well have been had the two been able to continue their operation without consequence. According to federal documents, the unlikely duo engaged in a drug dealing operation that resulted in the transportation of up to three pounds of crystal methamphetamine a month and thousands of dollars in profit.

Monsignor Kevin Wallin, former pastor of the St. Augustine Cathedral and St. Peter’s Church, pleaded guilty to conspiring to possess methamphetamine with the intent to distribute, but his sentencing has been postponed. When sentenced, Wallin faces 14 years in prison for his crimes.

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HS 11377 – California Possession of Methamphetamines

Instances in which a person is found in possession of Methamphetamine (crystal meth, speed, crank, meth, ect.) in California will usually result in a criminal charge for violating health and safety code 11377 HS. HS 11377 makes it a criminal offense to possess meth and can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony offense depending upon case circumstances.

Being in possession of crystal meth in California can result in either a misdemeanor or a felony are referred to as wobbler offenses. The district attorney that is assigned to each individual’s case will decide whether they will pursue misdemeanor or felony charges based on the amount of crystal meth that was found as well as the defendant’s criminal history.


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California Drug Crime Convicts Receive Pardon from Governor Jerry Brown

Man Pardoned for drug crimeIt is no secret that the War on Drugs has resulted in numerous injustices: mandatory minimum sentences and harsh penalties imposed on those who possess, transport, and sell illegal drugs in California have resulted in decade’s worth of prison for non-violent offenders. Although there is little that can be done to fully compensate those who have suffered unjust sentencing, there are still actions available to Governors and U.S. Presidents that have the potential to alleviate some of the pain and injustice that has been caused…a full and unconditional pardon.

Over the last week, Governor Jerry Brown exercised his right to grant full and unconditional pardons to 127 individuals, the vast majority of which were convicted of some type of California drug crime. During a time in which many were celebrating Christmas and counting their blessings, families of drug crime convicts in California were rejoicing in their own way as family members, husbands, wives, and other loved ones were granted the gift of the state’s forgiveness.

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California Doctor and Son Charged with Federal Drug Trafficking

Doctor Arrested for DrugsAccording to a DEA affidavit, California drug dealers have been receiving goods from an unusual father-son duo for a little over a year. Following a long investigation by multiple agencies, Cameron Larsen and his father Doctor Andrew Larson have been named in a complaint claiming that both Larsens violated federal drug trafficking laws. Doctor Andrew Larsen is being accused of using his medical license to distribute prescription pain pills and Marijuana to California drug dealers.

Doctor Larsen and his son are now facing charges for possessing Oxycodone with intent to distribute, possessing Marijuana with intent to distribute, use of a firearm in connection with a drug trafficking offense, as well as maintaining a drug involved premises.

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HS 11364 – California Drug Paraphernalia Possession

teens at party doing drugsIn California, when a person is found to be in possession of illegal drug paraphernalia they can be charged with violating California Health and Safety Code 11364 HS. This law applies to anything that a person could use to unlawfully smoke or inject a controlled substance. More often than not, this charge is applied to those who are found in possession of a controlled substance as well as paraphernalia to smoke or inject those drugs. Instances in which defendants are found in possession of a controlled substance and paraphernalia make it easier for prosecutors to prove that the devices in question were intended to be used for consuming illegal substances.

What Devices Could Result in an HS 11364 Conviction?

11364 HS could be applied to a wide variety of different items. Some of the most common include pipes, syringes or hypodermic needles, and cocaine spoons. Depending upon your circumstances, prosecutors may charge you with an HS 11364 violation for being in possession of common household items. If certain items are found near illegal substances, prosecutors could make the argument that you were planning to use those items to consume controlled substances.

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Orange County Doctor Allegedly Provides Illegal Prescriptions from Starbucks

Starbucks cup of coffee in coffeehouseRunning your own business can be very costly, but for one doctor in Irvine, California, Starbucks coffeehouse provided all of the amenities he needed to fund a solo medical practice. Dr. Alvin Yee did not have a place to provide pain management services to his patients, so he started using various Starbucks locations throughout Orange County, California to treat appointment-only patients and prescribe regularly abused medications.

Yee began examining patients at Starbucks locations in 2010. On any given night, Yee would perform examinations, using a stethoscope to evaluate patient vital signs and, sometimes, perform neurological exams. All of this was done without permission from the Starbucks owners. Yee felt that since businessmen are constantly using Starbucks locations to conduct business that his evaluations were similar enough and must be acceptable as well.

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HS 11352 – Sale or Transport of a Controlled Substance

Health and Safety Code 11352 governs drug crime offenses in which a person sells, furnishes, administers, transports, or imports illegal drugs into California. Drugs regulated by 11352 HS include, heroin, peyote, cocaine, opiates, some hallucinogens, GHB, hydrocodone, and codeine. Oftentimes those who are charged with violating HS 11352 are identified through “sting” operations, but there are instances where authorities claim to have witnessed drug deals, transports, etcetera from disguised locations.

What Acts Violate HS 11352?

Health and Safety Code 11352 can be violated in several different ways. If you were transporting a controlled substance from one location to another, importing drugs into California, selling drugs, supplying drugs in any way including sales, administering drugs via injection or other method directly to another person, or giving your drugs away, California prosecutors could convict you of violating HS 11352.

Transportation under HS 11352 has become a sore subject for many defendants and defense attorneys as the distance required to fulfill the definition of transportation can be very little. In addition, the person “transporting” drugs does not need to be caught selling them to be convicted of transportation. According to the California court of appeals, this is to help decrease incidences of sales by punishing the general transport of narcotics. Unfortunately, it often puts non-violent drug offenders in danger of receiving a felony on their criminal record for what many would consider relatively minor criminal offenses.

What do Cali...

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