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Blogs from May, 2015

Police walking through fields of Marijuana being grown in Riverside

The police force of Riverside County just recently busted four marijuana cultivation sites in the neighboring area last week. These sites have been on public land, including sites nearby Pinyon Pines and Santa Rosa Mountain.

According to the Riverside County Sherriff’s Department, authorities confiscated 10,616 marijuana plants, but they are still trying to identify the people behind the operation.

On August 12th and 13th, the police force, along with the Marijuana Enforcement Team, the Drug Enforcement Agency, as well as the U.S. Forest Services searched the areas surrounding the Santa Rosa Mountain near Corona. There they found four huge marijuana cultivation sites which were well hidden by large mountain canyons. The sheriff’s department has termed the cultivation sites as being “extremely rugged terrain???.

Upon inspection, the police came across several bins of trash and camping equipment. This suggests that there was probably a large group of people involved in caring for the crops. Despite the trash and overwhelming amount of evidence, no one was at the scene when the police arrived.

Marijuana cultivation in forest areas has been known to have a drastic impact on the target area’s ecosystem. This is because the mountain’s natural bushes are cut off to divert water to plant cultivation areas. Animal repellents and fertilizers can also contaminate creeks, streams, and groundwater and people camping in unusual places can disturb animal wildlife. Also, by cutting down trees and vegetation to make space for marijuana farming animals can lose their natural food sources and be forced to leave the area.

Despite what the public may believe, illegal marijuana cultivation is still a very serious offense. Cultivating marijuana is a felony offense that can result in a three-year jail sentence.

Those facing charges for growing marijuana in Riverside should seek out a drug crime attorney that they trust as soon as possible. Although a public attorney may be able to help you, private attorneys often have more time to provide defendants with the best possible defense.

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