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Blogs from August, 2013

Cannabis backgroundAccording to the Los Angeles Times, more than four million dollars worth of illegal marijuana has been seized from a boat off the coast of Laguna Beach, California. Federal authorities say that the boat carried more than 100 marijuana packages and was operated by two Mexican nationals who are now with Customs enforcement and Immigration in San Diego.

US Customs and Border Protection identified the boat as suspicious when they noticed that it was not using mandatory navigational lights when first spotted near La Jolla. When officials began to approach the boat, the boat’s operators allegedly attempted to evade capture. The total estimated street value of the seizure is $4.1 million, according to Border Patrol officials and Customs.


Possession, cultivation, and sale or transportation of Marijuana are all separate offenses that carry separate penalties. Most likely, if the United States District Attorney decides to press charges against the individuals apprehended from the boat in question, they will be charged with transportation of Marijuana, but could also be charged with possession for sale and possession for personal use.

In California, those found guilty of sale or transportation of Marijuana are charged with a felony offense and can be sentenced to four years in a California state prison. Just like the binge drinking scenario, Marijuana offenses are also rising up day by day.  Courts may be lenient on those who are found with a relatively small amount of Marijuana, but in this particular case, they may be sentenced to the maximum four-year penalty.


Several possible defense strategies are available for those who face charges for Marijuana transportation. In this particular case, the defendants are not citizens of the United States, so their cases will be treated differently had they been residents of California or any other state. Those facing charges for Marijuana-related offenses are encouraged to contact a skilled attorney and take advantage of a free case evaluation. Offenders can mistakenly believe that their crime will not result in jail time or hefty fines and penalties.

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