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Blogs from August, 2013

nugtellaAs a kid, Nutella hazelnut spread was one of my favorite things. It’s a kid’s dream come true: a chocolate hazelnut spread whose creators advertise it as a nutritional addition to breakfast. Now, stoners across the planet rejoice following news that a nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary based in San Jose, California has created a new Nutella-like creation that incorporates 20 mg of THC in a single Tablespoon. What name do they give what may now be the most popular munchies creation ever made? Nugtella.

First of all, I hope no one is running off to their local grocery store to try and purchase a jar of Nugtella. You aren’t going to find it. Only those who carry a valid California Medical Marijuana Card have the ability to obtain Nugtella, and it is currently only made available by Organicares. Plus, those interested in becoming a satisfied customer may want to make their purchase in the near future. The creators of the original Nutella have not taken impersonators lightly in the past and may currently be in the process of taking legal action against Organicares. Only time will tell.


Although Nugtella is a particularly brilliant concept, tasty medical marijuana treats are not new. Medical marijuana dispensaries have been creating a wide variety of different types of treats for several years.  High Times, a magazine dedicated to marijuana, has a yearly competition that includes marijuana edibles. The following are the top three winners for 2013.

1st Place

–          Blackberry Dark Chocolate Bar (

  • marijuana-chocolate-barThis berry chocolate-flavored candy bar won first place at the 2013 LA Cup due to its taste, packaging, and precise information included on the package. Packing a whopping 45 mg dose in each chocolate square (each chocolate bar contains four for a total of 180 mg of THC), this edible marijuana treat is a force to be reckoned with. Thankfully the creators have done their part to properly inform their consumers with lab-tested information and a large marijuana leaf on the package.

2nd Place

–          Sweet Stone Gummy Bears (

  • marijuana-gummy-bearNearly winning first place, these gummy bears made quite an impression. With a lab-tested 50 mg THC content per gummy bear (two in a package for a total of 100 mg of THC), these marijuana-laced gummy confections were quite popular. The only complaint was that the packaging did not make it obvious that these gummies are for people with medical marijuana cards.

3rd Place

–          Strawberry Lemonade (

  • marijuana-strawberry-lemonadeAlthough it looks more like V8 than a medical marijuana consumable, this strawberry lemonade drink contains 72 milligrams of THC and comes with a complete nutritional guide. With a manageable amount of calories, this drink may not destroy the diet of a person who is using marijuana to assist them with their medical needs.


Nugtella was great, but what is the next big edible medical marijuana idea? If you’ve got one, we would love to hear it. Put your favorite medical marijuana edible in the comment box and add your brilliant idea to the mix. Who knows, maybe your idea will be the next big medical marijuana edible of 2014!

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