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Blogs from March, 2014

Drug Attorney Fees

Having defended countless alleged drug crimes in Orange County over the past several years, I have grown accustomed to hearing certain questions numerous times, but there is one that clients want to know more than anything else: “How much do you charge for legal services”. Although this is rarely the most beneficial question to ask, it is still very important to those that I represent.


Although the public believes that those facing narcotics charges are bad people, it is often the opposite. Narcotic defendants are often good people that have fallen victim to addiction and are in desperate need of help. That’s where I come in, but I can’t do it for free. What I can do is explain why these types of defense services are so costly and identify certain situations that are less costly than others.


In general, trafficking, sales, and distribution cases are going to cost defendants more for my services than a possession case. This is because narcotic crimes involving sales or transportation imply that the defendant is doing more than personal harm, but is also instrumental in harming others. If a judge and/or prosecutor feel that you are a danger to society, they will be less likely to go easy on you.

Although the system currently treats possession defendants as criminals, there has been a notable shift towards allowing non-violent offenders to be given the opportunity to rehabilitate before being sentenced to serve a hard time. The general consensus is that dealers and those instrumental in the sale process should not be afforded alternative sentencing programs and should be treated harshly. This often keeps prosecutors from offering plea bargains that allow my client to avoid serious penalties.

If a suitable plea bargain cannot be agreed upon, the potential penalties are too great, and my client and I feel that going to trial is what’s best, that process would begin.

Going to trial is a very expensive process for everyone involved. I often hire experts to help prove the prosecutor’s claims are incorrect and launch an in-depth investigation to prepare my client’s case for trial.

The most expensive thing that could happen in any case would be if it were to go to trial. The drug crime attorney fees and associated hours skyrocket immediately.

Our firm provides flat fee services, meaning that we do not charge our clients hourly, but instead provide all services to each client for one flat fee. This way we encourage our clients to call the firm and find out more about their case proceedings.


Those facing drug-related charges in California are encouraged to contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible. Obtaining a lawyer at the outset of your case will help you to prepare for upcoming proceedings.

Call  today to obtain a free case evaluation from one of our skilled attorneys with no obligation to retain. Our consultations are confidential and can last for up to one hour.