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Blogs from May, 2014

Those who are found by the courts to have been selling, transporting, or manufacturing illegal drugs are regularly issued costly fines as part of the penalties imposed by their state. In California, drug crime convictions can result in huge fines, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars in fines, in an attempt to keep offenders from repeating their crimes. Unfortunately, those who participate in these types of activities are usually addicted to the substances for which they are illegally handling, and the court systems have proven themselves to be counterproductive when trying to penalize addicts into submission.

These days, people are far more aware of the dangers associated with addiction, especially when it comes to certain substances. While some states have made drastic changes to the ways in which they penalize drug crime defendants, the fines associated with these offenses are still very high. Take into consideration that most addicts do not have money, as they are spending it on their drug of choice, and it becomes clear why some addicts find themselves spending time in jail to pay their fines.

Those who commit drug crimes can sometimes violate multiple laws with a single act. This can make it difficult to determine what the maximum fine will be for any given defendant. The following are the maximum fines that can be issued to those who break California laws regarding the possession, sale, transfer, and manufacture of illegal substances.

HS 11350 – Possession of a Controlled Substance

HS 11364 – Drug Paraphernalia Possession

HS 11351 – Possession for Sale of Narcotics

HS 11352 – Sale or Transport of a Controlled Substance

HS 11377 – Possession of Methamphetamines

HS 11379.6 – Narcotic and Drug Manufacturing

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