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Blogs from November, 2015

We all have events in our lives that make us feel out of control, scared and powerless, and these terrifying emotions can cause us to make poor decisions. We’ve also all done things we regret when we look back upon our actions. We’re not here to tell you that you have a serious problem if you’ve gone off the rails once due to a terrible happening in your life.

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Rehab and intensive treatment won’t help you at that point, because you don’t actually have an addiction problem. In fact, it will likely only scare you or cause you to resent the program. However, if you have a history of getting into trouble based on your drug or alcohol consumption, then you may need to consider looking into a program that can help you turn things around.


A somewhat loose definition of addiction is when a person continues with a specific pattern, regardless of the consequences. It’s a fairly apt description and can help people understand the actions of those who fit in this category.

Do you or someone you know continue to drink even when your friends and family have told you how much it hurts them? Do you continue after you’ve gotten in trouble with the law or after your health has been compromised?

Addiction is incredibly destructive and has caused catastrophic problems in every country for centuries. If your life is in chaos and you feel out of control, even if you’ve never had any run-ins with the law, then it’s probably something that could be helped with rehab or another treatment facility.

If you do have several infractions under your belt (for whatever reason) then either the courts might mandate it for you, or you may need to take some corrective action of your own.


Rehab can be expensive, which is a big reason people don’t consider this as a real option. It isn’t just the amount of money it costs to be in the program, but the lost time from work and family. For some, the numerous practical concerns that need to be resolved to enroll outweigh the benefits.

You need to remember that the consequences of going down the wrong road are a lot worse than being in rehab. Rehab gives you more opportunities for recovery, and it gives you more freedom when you’re trying to kick your habit. You don’t want to wait until jail is the only choice available to you.

Structured programs like rehab have the advantage of focusing people’s attention on getting better. The repetition and steps are there to help you stay devoted to making the right changes in your life. That type of shift in lifestyle already takes a lot of time, so reinforcing ideas over and over again will slowly start to help your brain to accept the concepts. The entire point of rehab and treatment is to get you to challenge old ways of thinking.

Addiction is hard-wired in people’s minds, and it takes time to force yourself to deny the comforts that have seemed to make your life better. Rehab can be the answer to destructive thoughts and practices.