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Blogs from September, 2017

Border wall

President Donald Trump has been saying that the U.S.-Mexico border wall, one of his most popular campaign promises, will prevent illegal drugs from coming into the United States. However, according to a Business Insider news report, officials with the Drug Enforcement Agency or DEA say a wall will have little to no impact on the flow of drugs into the country because drugs coming into the US Northeast often arrive by plane, boat, or hidden in vehicles.


A 24-page intelligence report by the DEA in May stated that drugs coming from Mexico do often enter through the southwestern border. But they arrive hidden in vehicles such as tractor-trailers. Drugs that come from Colombia are also transported by plane and boat, the report states. Drug cartels generally route larger shipments that go to the Northeast through the Bahamas or South Florida in a variety of vessels from speedboats and fishing boats to yachts.

However, Trump’s rhetoric has been focused on the wall. The president has said that the “drugs are pouring in at levels as nobody has ever seen” and that the flow of drugs will be stopped by the wall. The DEA report does not address the issue of the wall, but details how drugs enter the country. The report even talks about how cocaine is transported via couriers carrying them on commercial flights, sometimes with the help of airline employees. At the end of the report, the DEA does make recommendations including heightened enforcement, but it doesn’t involve a wall.


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